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Joining MLAS


If you let private property to tenants, you can join MLAS!

MLAS membership is an individual membership. As an individual you will be required to have completed the Application form, Accreditation Day Seminar and have signed up to MLAS Terms and Conditions including our Code of Conduct and Fit and Proper Person agreements (copies of these terms and conditions can be viewed under LANDLORD RESOURCES).

To become a Member of the MLAS you must either attend our Accreditation Day Seminar at a cost of £150.00 per person or, if you an are existing member of another Accreditation Scheme, you may be eligable to join at no charge via our PASSPORT service.

To join MLAS you will be required to:

  • Complete our APPLICATION FORM.
  • Book and attend ACCREDITATION DAY SEMINAR (a full list can be found HERE).
  • Pay the JOINING FEE.
  • Sign up to our TERMS & CONDITIONS.

You will then receive MLAS ACCREDITATION CERTIFICATE and MLAS MEMBERSHIP NUMBER which entitles you to membership and all the benefits of MLAS Accreditation. Membership is for a 5 year period after which you will be re-accredited providing you fulfil Continual Professional Development (CPD) criteria.

During your membership you will be required to attend CPD Workshops, to maintain your Accredited Member status. Information on these events can be found under CPD WORKSHOPS. MLAS are currently reviewing the schedule for CPD Workshops – you can attain CPD points by attending partner workshops and other official workshops.  Please look at our CPD Guidance sheet for more information. This is available under LANDLORD RESOURCES.


Send an email to: talk@mlas.org.uk


  • Your Name;
  • A Contact Telephone Number;

Alternatively you can phone us on 0121 288 2008.

We will forward you an Application Form to complete along with a PROFORMA INVOICE.
Payment for courses should be made 7 days PRIOR  to the Seminar date.

Your place will be reserved but will NOT be confirmed until payment is made.

Places on these Workshops is on a first come first serve basis. Failure to pay for the curse within time periods may mean you lose your place.

Payment details are included on the proforma invoice. We will accept BACS and cheque payment.


In some cases, your Local Authority may have offered to pay for you to attend this course. If this is the case, at the end of the application form in the space provided, please indicate the Local Authority and provide the name and email address and/or phone number of your contact there so that this can be verified.

Your place is NOT confirmed until payment from the Authority is received.


MLAS will also accredit Limited Companies, Partnerships and Agents, providing that TWO THIRDS of the staff who are actively involved in letting or management of properties have attended an Accreditation Course and possess individual accreditation.

For example: if FOUR staff are actively involved in the letting or management of properties, the minimum of THREE staff will have to be accredited as inviduals for the Business to be Accredited.

You will be required to complete the APPLICATION FORM. Staff must agree to the MLAS Terms and Conditions as part of this process.

For more information email: talk@mlas.org.uk


  • Your Name;
  • A Contact Telephone Number;
  • A Contact E-Mail Address;
  • State that you are looking at COMPANY, PARTNERSHIP or AGENCY MEMBERSHIP of MLAS.

Alternatively you can PHONE: 0121 288 2008.



If you’re an existing member of a different Accreditation scheme and have successfully gained either an individual or business accreditation which is currently valid then you can apply to join MLAS through our PASSPORT Scheme.

Just complete the APPLICATION FORM and we will seek confirmation from the organisation who accredited you. If everything is confirmed then you will be able to join MLAS - however you will be expected to agree to MLAS Terms & Conditions including our Code of Conduct and Fit and Proper Person code.

For more information email: talk@mlas.org.uk


  • Your Name;
  • A Contact Telephone Number;
  • A Contact E-Mail Address;
  • State you are looking at PASSPORT into MLAS.

Alternatively you can PHONE: 0121 288 2008.


There are a number of benefits to joining MLAS. As well our corporate MLAS benefits, there are also other benefits provided by local partners in their particular area. To find out more check our BENEFITS section.