Damp, Condensation & Mould Free Home


This booklet gives some basic information about the different types of dampness that may affect your home.
Condensation is probably the biggest cause of damp in homes. A lot of information and advice is included in this booklet to help tenants and home-owners identify and reduce condensation as well as treating the mould growth often associated with it.


There is a product that has been on the market for some time and it is used by many local authorities. I was told about this product by a landlord who tested in during the winter of 2012. He used it on one of the walls forming a corner which were both solid brick walls with no cavity. The whole corner was black with mould. He used the cleaner provided to remove the mould and he then painted one of the two joining walls with this product. The following spring he returned to inspect and found a clear line where he had used the product and there was no mould at all. One the joining wall where he had used normal emulsion after cleaning it the mould had returned as before. I spoke to the manufacturers and told them that landlords needed this product but that we would not all want to buy in bulk. They were happy to sell single tins and even offered me a discount code to pass on to other landlords to give us 20% discount by using the Code SOL20

The product looks very like emulsion and is applied in the same way. It comes in white or magnolia as standard and can be tinted to order to any colour. It is manufactured in Redditch, Worcestershire and can be collected from the manufacturer or delivered anywhere in the UK. The cost is similar to a good emulsion. Once used it must not be painted over because it is the surface that contains the product that stops mould growth and it is guaranteed to work for 20 years – not that we would not repaint a wall for 20 years but when we do it must be with the same product to continue to prevent mould growth.

The name of the product is Glixtone Fungi-Shield Anti-Mould & Blackspot Paint. It can be used on external and internal walls and ceilings and it is solvent free, silicone free and none-toxic


01527 599 470

MLAS Terms and Conditions 2014

IMPORTANT: Update to the Midland Landlord Accreditation Scheme (MLAS) Terms and Conditions

This is to inform you that MLAS has updated the Terms and Conditions of membership. These terms and conditions will apply to all members from 1st February 2014.


The changes have been made in order to ensure that MLAS continues to be a “kite mark” of good practice for tenants to look for when searching for privately rented properties.

Should you decide that you cannot accept these changes and wish to withdraw from membership please let MLAS know by return.  In the event that you do withdraw from membership you must tell your  existing tenants with 14 working days, remove mention of MLAS from your documents and websites and ensure that your future tenants are not relying on your membership of MLAS.

If you do not withdraw from membership please be aware that MLAS will consider that you have agreed to abide by the new Term and Conditions which replace those that you signed when you joined the scheme. NB All members signed the existing terms and conditions (Code of Conduct) when you joined the scheme and copies are held on file.

Notice from West Midlands Police concerning Illegal Drugs

Notice from West Midlands Police concerning Illegal Drugs

West Midlands Police are dedicated to dealing with the issues that really matter to local people. As part of this they are continuously working to stamp out drug use and drug dealing.

There is no simple solution to illegal drug use, manufacturing or trafficking. However by working together we can ensure that individuals who continue to negatively affect our communities are brought to justice.

It is well known that organised gangs, particularly those involved in drug production, seek to distance themselves from any illegal activity that could lead to them being arrested. A convenient way of doing this is their involvement in rental premises. Whilst seclusion is preferred, clandestine drug labs have been found in virtually all types of rental properties. Any location which allows privacy is suitable for use as an illicit laboratory.

For further guidance and advice please view the letter from West Midlands Police HERE.

For more information regarding your community please visit: www.birminghamsouthpolice.org.uk


Burglaries affecting landlord properties in Selly Oak, Birmingham.



West Midland Police have notified the Midland Landlord Accreditation Scheme, that a number of burglaries have taken place in Selly Oak. Our colleagues in West Midlands Police have informed us that properties undergoing renovation and refurbishment have been the targets, with copper pipes, boilers and tools being taken.

Please visit West Midlands Police Safer Homes for crime prevention advice

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