Landlords – Benefits


There are many benefits from the Midland Landlord Accreditation Scheme for landlords and tenants alike.

As a member you can expect:

  • recognition of being a good and reputable Landlord to the standards outlined by MLAS and discounts on HMO licence fees as recognition
  • to provide existing and prospective tenants with more assurance that they are dealing with a competent landlord.
  • be MLAS Accredited for a 5 year period.
  • to receive the latest news and information concerning the Private Rented Sector including advice and guidance on existing and new legislation and policies
  •  the opportunity to attend CPD workshops and training sessions run through MLAS and other partner organizations. Attendance of workshops and training opportunities throughout your 5 year Accreditation can extend your membership beyond this time
  • the opportunity to directly communicate with local Authorities, Fire Service, Police and other partner organisations in your area
  • the opportunity, once you have joined this scheme to use your Accreditation to join other schemes across the country at no additional charge.
  • access to benefits offered by partner organisations in your area.


Local Authorities also offer different incentives and benefits for MLAS Accredited Landlords  which range from financial incentives, assistance, advice through to workshops. Just a few of the areas are listed below.

Contact your Local Authority or HMO Licensing Team to find out more. A full list is available on our Links page.



Below are examples of what additional benefits are offered through your Local Authority is available. This is not a full list – contact your Local Authority or HMO Licensing Team to find out more. Links for partner agencies can be found on our PARTNERS PAGE.


MLAS Members in the Birmingham area can take advantage of reduced HMO Licence Fees.  Currently, there is a £300 reduction per HMO Licence.  For further details, contact the Licensing Team on 0121 303 5070.


The University of Birmingham actively promotes MLAS accredited landlords and agents to their students, as part of the assurance that they are dealing with a competent landlord who is recognised as accredited and will manage the tenancy to a high standard.

In student lettings, the University of Birmingham tells students if they are renting from a private landlord, ONLY to use MLAS accredited landlords. MLAS Accredited landlords are the only private landlords to be advertised through the University. By doing this is it anticipated that students will have access to better quality accommodation and a complaints procedure to help resolve any problems.

You can find out more on the University of Birmingham accommodation website.


Wolverhampton City Council has a policy which says they (and their Partners) will ONLY work with accredited private landlords. The benefits to MLAS members includes access to the rent deposit scheme, contracts with third sector providers for partnering arrangements and leasing.

Wolverhampton also offer discounts for licences and housing regeneration projects for MLAS members.


Lichfield CC actively supports MLAS in the Lichfield area, and may offer members financial assistance to become  accredited. Lichfield also actively promote the Scheme to other agencies.


MLAS Members within the Sandwell area can benefit from reduced HMO licensing fees.  There’s also opportunities to join their Private Sector Leasing (PSL) Scheme, their Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DiGS) and Choice Based Lettings (CBL) Scheme.

Members have direct access to receive advice from the council and Sandwell provide a dedicated telephone number for Housing Benefit.

MLAS members also have the opportunity to advertise their properties within Sandwell through Sandwell MBC property shops free of charge. For further information please contact:

General Enquires: 0121 569 5232

STRATFORD ON AVON:Stratford-on-Avon

For landlords who are considering becoming members of the Midland Landlord Accreditation Scheme (MLAS), Stratford District Council are currently offering to pay towards any new or recent energy efficiency measures on your rented properties (so long as the property is located within the Stratford District). Any payments that are made in connection with this offer, will be up to the maximum value of the cost of attending the MLAS ’Development Day’ seminar, (currently £150).

This fantastic offer means you can re-coup the cost of the joining fee… there has never been a better time to join!