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Resources for MLAS Tenants

Below is useful information for Tenants of MLAS landlords:

You can also find some great advice on the TENANTS area of the Homestamp website including:

There is also a range of useful information on the Homestamp DOWNLOADS page.

 ‘Check Before You Rent’ Mobile AppCBYR_2

Renting a home in the private sector can have many hazards and pitfalls. Sometimes, making a few basic checks before you move into a property can save you from problems later on in a tenancy. Before you sign an agreement, you should be making sure that the home you are looking at is safe, secure and the right one for you.

The Homestamp Consortium has produced a mobile App – Check Before You Rent – the definitive guide to use when looking to rent property. The app contains three checklists which ask all the important questions including legal requirements, that prospective tenants should be asking landlords when they are considering a rental home.

Check Before You Rent is available to download for FREE from the Apple Store and Google Play.

For further information visit: www.homestamp.com

Welfare Reform and Changes to the Benefits System

As a tenant you may already be aware of the substantial changes in the area of welfare benefits and in particular the Housing Benefits paid to tenants.

Since 2013 there have been a number of changes, affecting not just private tenants but tenants in the social sector with substantial reforms to just about all areas of welfare provision.

If this affects you, you can find out more of an overview of the changes on the dedicated Homestamp page.

For further information visit the Department of Work and Pensions website or GOV.UK and search for the area you wish to know more information about.